Love for animals drives us to action. Cats and dogs are our passion and life, and every wagging tail and purr of satisfaction makes us motivated to keep working. We want to provide your pet with exceptional, tasty meals at an affordable price. With hard work and dedication of our nutritionists we have created the Rafi Classic line, which consists of complete food for dogs and cats, both adults and juniors, and those sterilised also. A carefully composed formula contains all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins essential, for function and healthy well-being.

Thanks to the high meat and nutrient content, this product has an optimum amount of easily digestible protein, which is essential for the proper growth, development and regeneration of the pet’s body. Furthermore, n-6 and n-3 fatty acids contained in the fats, among other things, improve absorption of vitamins, influence immunity and have anti-inflammatory properties. The right calcium/phosphorus ratio in Rafi Classic is also important. It affects level of mineralisation and prevents formation of kidney stones; at the same time, it improves functions of the urinary system. The raw vegetable ingredients provide easily digestible energy and, along with dietary fibre, stimulate the digestive process. Pet food with a simple composition and no added preservatives, flavour enhancers or colourings makes an excellent choice for your pet.