Rafi Classic with poultry in a form of a bar is an easy to digest pet food for adult dogs. This product is rich in protein and good quality animal fats with a high content of n-6 unsaturated acids, which improve skin condition and fur appearance, among other things. The addition of poultry provides phenylalanine, lysine and leucine and is a source of zinc and selenium. These minerals play an important role in strengthening the immune system. They also stimulate antioxidant properties of body fluids and play an important role in regulating skin function.
feed contains:
Composition:  meat and animal derivatives 70% (including 10% poultry), cereals, minerals.
Analytical constituents: crude protein – 16%, crude fat – 10%, crude ash – 2.5%, crude fibre – 1%, moisture – 60%.
Additives: nutritional additives/kg: Vitamin D3 – 450 IU, Vitamin E – 40 mg, Zinc (zinc oxide) – 30 mg, Manganese (manganese (II) oxide) – 2 mg, Copper (copper sulphate, pentahydrate) – 3 mg, Iodine (coated, granular, calcium iodate anhydrous) – 0.3 mg.
DOG WEIGHT10 kg20 kg30 kg40 kg
number of cans/day0,30,50,751