RAFI CLASSIC is a complete pet food for adult dogs. It is distinguished by its high digestibility of nutrients. Raw materials of animal origin have been selected to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs from the first year of life. Thanks to the high content (68%) of ingredients of animal origin, including lamb, this product is a source of high-quality complete protein and fatty acids that are vital as part of dog’s diet. It is the lamb that comprehensively completes the fatty acid profile of the food. The appropriate nutritional value and optimal energy density of RAFI CLASSIC pet food ensure proper intestinal passage and optimal absorption of nutrients from the food. RAFI CLASSIC pet food is a fully balanced, palatable meal with the right balance of vitamins and minerals.
A complete Rafi Classic pet food for dogs of all breeds contains:
  • high-quality raw materials,
  • balanced protein with a high degree of digestibility (at 90-95%),
  • a complete set of vitamins and minerals
This pet food does not include:
  • preservatives,
  • artificial colours,
  • ingredients to improve taste and stimulate appetite,
  • artificial flavours,
  • soya,
  • wheat.
This product is distinguished by:
  • simple recipe,
  • high content of meat and animal products.
feed contains:
Composition: meat and animal derivatives 65% in chunks (including 8% poultry), cereals, minerals, various sugars.
Analytical constituents: crude protein – 6.5%, crude fat – 4%, crude ash – 2.5%, crude fibre – 0.5%, moisture – 81.5%.
Additives: nutritional additives/kg: Vitamin A – 1100 IU, Vitamin D3 – 140 IU, Vitamin E – 10 mg, Zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) – 10 mg, Manganese (manganese (II) oxide) – 2 mg, Copper (copper sulphate (II), pentahydrate) – 1.8 mg, Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) – 0.1 mg.
DOG WEIGHT5 kg10 kg20 kg30 kg40 kg
number of cans/day0,40,61,11,51,8

Wiek: Dorosły Rozmiar zwierzęcia: Średnie i duże rasy Rodzaj zwierzęcia: Pies Smak: Drób Opakowanie: 1240 g Typ Karmy: mokra